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This was by far the most relaxing summer we have had in years. With the help of Clifford Amore, we were able to re- build our koi pond, where we spent hours upon hours enjoying the outdoors. It was a true labor of love and is still a work in progress but we are looking forward to warmer weather so we can get back to it. We are already planning the changes we want to make as well as the addition of several more koi. Clifford of Amore’s Koi Farm made multiple trips to our home to assist in the process & was never more than a phone call away, which was & still is a blessing. We could not have asked for a better experience.

Submitted by Trish of Warsaw, Ohio



We started out with a little 180 gallon pre formed liner. My wife and I had no idea once we saw Amore's Koi Farm how much we would get hooked on raising koi. The first purchase of our 3 koi was just the beginning of a lifetime hobby that will reward us for years to come. During the first weeks with the water garden we suffered through the dreaded "New Pond Syndrome", wild pH swings/crashes, pea soup water, and sick fish. Without Clifford's help we would have lost out beloved koi. After a summer of watching the 3 koi grow and enjoying them in the little liner, my wife knew that she wanted a bigger pond. With Clifford's help, we were able to design a pond that my wife loved and fit into our budget. We look forward to finishing up the landscaping, buying new koi, and new water plants. Tiffany and I, invite anyone who is considering building a pond to come and see how rewarding a pond truly is. It is absolutely a labor of love. We value the professional courtesy and assistance of Amore's Koi Farm and we will be customers for a long time to come.

Submitted by David and Tiffany of Coshocton



Hi Clifford,

I hope that your spring and summer is starting off well. I just want to drop you a quick note and to tell you thank you so much for the beautiful Koi that you donated to my classroom in the fall. All three had a great year at Union and flourished. They were happy and healthy throughout the entire school year. I am happy to say we had no major problems. In fact I had so much fun I am trying to find a twenty gallon tank for next year!

The tank and the fish are now successfully transported to coshocton to mine and Jamie's house and they are resting happily. Although our cats can't figure out what these things are behind the glass.

We did have one causality in the move. When I was moving the fish to a transport bucket the silver Koi that was the medium one jumped out of the bucket. And oddly enough I couldn't find him on the floor... He lodged himself between the brick wall and electrical conduit halfway up his back. I got him back in the tank and I thought he was ok. But by the time I got him back to Coshocton the trauma of the event was too much and he was not doing well. Unfortunately, I am now down one Koi. He will be missed.

Thanks again for the Koi Clifford they were the perfect addition to my classroom!!!

Have a great summer!




For more information please contact us either via E-mail at You may also call us at 740-622-3802. We look forward to serving you.

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