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Outdoor Water Solutions 7 Inch Diffuser Airstone



Extended Description

Manufactured with a large base to insure the stone is sealed to the base correctly, forcing air out of the micro-pores in the stone. If holes are too big, bubbles are too big; if holes are too small, bubbles are too small. This stone has proven itself for over 20 years and is very popular. Backflow Valve included to keep water from backing up the airline. 
These airstones are setup for 3/4" line but can be reduced to 3/8" airline. We use these on the farm for our larger ponds and have been in use since 2005. 
These airstones work great with the AP-40, AP-60 and AP-100 Pond master air pumps

For more information please contact us either via E-mail at You may also call us at 740-622-3802. We look forward to serving you.

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