This is a Veteran owned business, proud to have served.


Amore's Koi Farm has been providing quality Domestic Koi since our founding in 2007. It is our mission on our koi farm to “bring beauty to your pond” by providing quality koi and services to help the pond owner enjoy their pond. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to help pond owners by not only selling them quality koi and products, but also helping them to understand what it takes to have a healthy pond for their koi through education and example. We want your koi to thrive not just survive.

We first got started in the fall of 2006 with the arrival of 110 domestic koi fry from Florida. Although the research and studies began long before their arrival. Our first interest was to use them as an economical way to rid our farm pond of the plant called “duckweed”. Instead our fascination grew with the koi as we learned more about their history and beauty. It soon went from a fascination to an obsession. Yes, I did say an obsession and today my friends and family would call it an addiction with the amazing koi. Although, it is not surprising where all the family gather during family events at the farm. Yes, they are at the side of the pond watching the koi swim and wanting to feed those always seemingly hungry mouths.

We currently raise our own domestic koi in Coshocton, Ohio. We do not buy from outside sources at this time.

Clifford Amore is the owner of Amore's Koi Farm in Coshocton, Ohio. Clifford was born and raised in Coshocton, Ohio. He is third generation owner of which use to be a very successful agriculture farm which his Great Grandfather use to operate. Today, most of the farm has become woodland. Clifford grew up running around on what has become Amore’s Koi Farm in Ohio. He is an Army Veteran whom spent a tour in the Persian Gulf during Desert Shield and then Desert Storm.

When you visit our farm you will also be greeted by our watch cat. He was raised with dogs so he doesn’t know any better. He also thinks that he is the supervisor on the farm. Nothing gets done with out his involvement. I hope you will enjoy our own farm raised koi here in Ohio. You can relax and feed the koi on your visit. Unfortunately, Tisher passed away in 2010. You can see his tribute pages.